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Tips For Dealing With Gestational Diabetes

I feel like it has been a while since I’ve written anything. There is not much going on and there is not much in the news that pisses me off. I guess that is a good thing. I have been calm and relaxed, just waiting for baby. We have 11 weeks to go! As I have shared in my last blogs. I have gestational diabetes. I have to check my blood 6 times a day, that is before and after every meal. This is my second pregnancy with this and I guess you could say that I am really becoming a pro at dealing with it. Anyone who has had GD or has lived with a Women who has had it, knows how hard it is to plan meals. I am only allowed 15 g of carbs at each meal. That is not a lot. You end up being hungry all of the time and feel ike you can’t eat anything. You also realize, once you have to cut things from your diet, just how much temptation there is out there. I have been strong and I have cut out a lot. I refuse to completely deprive myself, cause that would only lead to a sugar binge. I have been on the look out for new recipes and have found some that I am excited to try.

I have some advice for those of you who are dealing with GD in their pregnancy.

First off I know the thought of pricking yourself to check your blood sounds awful and painful. Well really, it’s not that bad. Not sure what different kind of testers they have out there but I have found that the sharper the better. I change mine every 4 to 5 uses. When the needle starts to get dull, it hurts more. Also, pain is a mental thing. The more you think about it and make a big deal about it the more it will hurt.

Remember that it is for you and your BABY! Those blood sugar numbers are important.

I completely understand how hard it is to follow the gestational diabetes diet. It is harder than quitting smoking was 3 years ago. I keep telling myself, ‘If I can quit smoking and quit biting my nails, successfully, than I can keep to this diet’. Do allow yourself the odd treat. Make that treat a goal. Tell yourself that from Monday through to Saturday night, if you can stick to it than you can allow yourself to a treat on Sunday.

Drink lots of Water! This not only so good for your body, because it will help with pregnancy constipation and swelling, but it will also help you curve those cravings. I have heard that most of the time when a person is snaky, they are actually just thirsty. Thirst can feel like hunger.

A 15 to 20 minute walk helps with you blood sugar numbers. So get moving. At this point my belly feels heavy and I can only do 15 to 20 minutes of a slow walk, but it better than nothing.

If you have to give yourself insulin. Suck it up and just do it. If you are afraid of that needle than how do you expect to give birth?? That needle is just a prick compared to childbirth!

It comes down to this. Being a parent from the moment you conceive involves sacrifice. Dealing with GD is just another sacrifice, but it is only temporary. Nobody ever said that pregnancy was easy, so just deal with it!

To end this blog I would like to thank those of you who have shared recipe ideas or who have loaned me a diabetic cook book. I am truly thankful for your support in my quest to eat right to keep not only myself, but baby Zoey healthy!


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